Monday, October 17, 2005

Double Dip of Dogs are Outstanding

A recurring feature on this blog is the "Dogs Are Outstanding" category. Here's a double-feature of some recent stories that further affirm the outstanding-ness of dogs.

1) Dog saves Tampa woman from alligator

This one is sad, because the dog didn't make it. In the process of protecting the owner from the prehistoric leftover, Bob the dog lost his own life. Lets hope the owner that got a second chance because of her pooch goes out and adopts some strays, or at least makes a donation to a shelter.

2) Two Pit Bulls Rescue Woman From Red Chow

This one is a little odd, because one dog was exhibiting what clearly was not outstanding behavior, but the person being threatened by the 'bad' dog was saved by two members of a much-maligned breed, the pit bull. Both my dogs have pit in them, and I've known many people that have had pits and pit mixes, and generally speaking, they are kind, loyal animals that have gotten a bad reputation because of irresponsible breeding and reprehensible sporting activities (dogfighting). Hopefully this will help improve their reputation. Are you paying attention, Canada?
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I've got G.A.S. again

And I've had it before.

And no, I'm not referring to some sort of socially awkward flatulence. G.A.S. is musician slang for Gear Aquisition Syndrome. It's a real thing. If you follow the link you'll see.

I've had it for years now. Every year I get it into my head that some new piece of equipment is going to change my musical life, and I get all obsessive about it, and look up reviews and best pricing and figure out what of my old stuff Im going to sell to be able to buy the new next best thing.

So, you may remember (but probably won't) that I got pretty excited about Orville guitars last year. They are the made-in-japan equivalents of Gibson guitars here in the U.S. They were never sold in the U.S., but thanks to eBay they are available here. I bought 4 over the course of the last year (bought two, sold one, was remorseful about the one I sold, bought another like it, found another that I liked bought it, then sold the first two). The year before that I was into Strats and did a similar buy-n-sell dance, and the year before that it was an obscure Squier model called the super-sonic. I always seem to buy two of the exact same guitar, for some reason.

So what am I financing this time around? Well, I decided that maybe there is a correlation between price and quality (though sometimes there isn't) and bought a Paul Reed Smith. It represents the largest amount of money I've ever spent on a single guitar, and I have to say, its pretty nice. PRS ( BLACK COCKS ) has been around since the mid-80's or so, and has become a well-known producer of high-end guitars using exotic woods and high-quality components, with its own line of pickups and unique electronics. Here's a little pic.

But the real question is, will it finally make me the fantastic musician I aspire to be?

If not, I just blew a bunch of money for nothing.